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What does Confidentiality really mean?

Your therapist, and any staff member within this clinic, has a legal, ethical, and professional responsibility to abide by state and federal regulations designed to prevent disclosure of any information that could identify you, unless:

  1. You sign a consent to release or obtain information.
  2. A court order mandates the release of information.
  3. In an emergency situation, medical personnel may be informed of pertinent information or qualified personnel for program evaluation and supervision.
  4. You commit or threaten to commit a crime which could cause harm to yourself or another individual.
  5. If there is suspicion of physical, sexual, or extreme emotional abuse of a minor, the law mandates a report to local authorities.
  6. Professional review of your case with Counseling Specialists/Supervisors staff as required by state regulations.
  7. Biological parents have access to information regarding their children (under the age of 14)

The therapists at Counseling Specialists are all licensed Mental Health Providers. They are available for consultation or evaluation at your request.